Research Point: Logos

For this research point I looked at logos, their colour schemes, design and how they work.

Most of the logos I found seemed to be in black, all logos will have a black, white and a set of colours they can be displayed in as part of the brand guidelines set by the company. The majority of fast food company’s seem to deal with colour, reds and yellows seem to be very prominent. McDonald’s Chupa chups, Burger King, Pizza Hut and coca-cola all seem to feature bright reds. Fashion brands seem to take a one colour or monochrome or monoton approach. This seems to be a more tasteful and elegant way to display the brand. Some logos such as the fed ex hide hidden elements, the hidden arrow is perfect to represent a fast delivery service.


Finally I was asked to recall the OCA logo, I was sure it was a white box with a red key line with OCA in a handwritten brush script, it was in fact a solid red square with a single A character. The colour seemed to be the only aspect I actually remembered correctly.

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