Exercise 2: Spider Diagrams

In this exercise I was asked to generate a spider diagram from each of the following four words, Seaside, Childhood, Angry, and Festival, I was then asked to get another person to repeat the task.

This exercise was an interesting one, based on personal perception, experience and recollection. This will of course vary from one person to another, but anything that featured on both lists would suggest a common or universal connection to the words and the individuals memory, thus making any artwork produced from it have a broader response and appeal.

– Which word was most difficult for you to work with?

Festival was the hardest one for me to relate to, I have never been to one and isn’t really my scene, although I love music.

– Which strategies that suited you best to come up with more words?

I liked getting the input of others to get a broader view. The spider diagram does grow and stem off into new ideas, maybe sometimes too many, but is a great way to come up with something that you wouldn’t have normally considered.

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