Exercise 3: Aerial or atmospheric perspective

Atmospheric perspective is something I do aim to use in my drawings, I didn’t know what it was called but I understood the technique. I used my pot of diluted ink for this exercise, I knew I could establish some silhouettes and then layer up the ink to convey depth. Adding a light wash over the entire page initially and letting that dry gave me a greyish canvas to work on, i then used some paper masking tape to add the horizon line, i carefully ripped it in half to make a rough edge and added in the ground, once the horizon was established I added in the row of trees, as they approached my viewpoint , I added in some ink that was less diluted, I did give the paper a few once overs with the hair dryer as I wanted some lines o remain hard edged, such as the foliage and ground shadows.

I enjoyed this exercise and was happy with the effect. I will try to recreate this effect with other techniques, I think a good challenge would be a hatching technique, where more careful choices would be needed to ensure the exercises success.

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