Assignment three

The view from my top window is dull to say the least, I wanted to portray the depth of the rows of gardens and centre it around the tall tree near the window and the small shed at the bottom of the garden.

I penciled in a light composition, trying to get a good understanding of the basic shapes and perspectives.

I used the same ruler and pen technique I had started in exercise 2, being careful to progress the drawing whilst retaining a level of control and accuracy, some parts of the drawing after a point felt over worked, I tried to hold back on adding too many lines. The main emphasis of the image was its textures, and the variations of those marks. The image does have a caricature quality to it, almost like a carton approach, whilst this wasn’t my intention I soon embraced this and it did add a sense of fun to an otherwise mundane scene. The materials I used was fineliners, the smallest nib was a 0.05, 0.5 and a 0.7, I wanted to be very strict with where I added the thickest to thinnest lines to help portray atmospheric perspective or at least a line of interest to follow through the image.

Overall I was happy with the outcome, I hadn’t enjoyed this section as much as the other two but I think this section was the one that pushed me past a zone of comfort, and offered me some good lessons and opportunity to experiment.

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