Assignment 5: Seven Days

For this assignment I was asked to use the title Seven Days to tell a story, I thought it might be good to play with the lifecycle of an insect over seven days, I googled insects which would fit in that time frame, in the end, I decided that a fly would be a good choice, it has a lifecycle with several  interesting stages and has lots of natural predators. I gathered some reference imagery that I would need to realise my idea.
I wanted to present the story as a comic book style strip.


I roughed out a script to work from as a loose start, I did deviate from this slightly at the pencilling stage, making edits to some of the panels that were in there to fill space in the boxes I had drawn out, I changed this as I drew it out as some interrupted the flow.

rough script

Once I had an idea for a basic story, I worked out a layout for the panels, I tried to keep these interesting by varying shape and size, I adjusted my rough pencils as I went ready for the inking stage.

roughs-page 1
roughs-page 2
roughs-page 3

With the pencils finalised the Ink stage was next, where I could add the textures and details needed to add visual interest to the storey.

Inks for page 1

Once the inks where finished, I could go in and throw some colour on them, this helped to further establish a hierarchy and separate details tonally.


I was quite happy with the end result, It isn’t the most riveting story but it was a lot of fun to draw. I liked the colour palette too.