Exercise 3: Travel Guides

In this exercise, I was asked to produce artwork and a mock for a travel guide based on three locations, Istanbul, Helsinki and Milan. I did some research as I wanted to feature landmarks for the regions. I planned to do some stylised line art for the cover, each book would have the same style and information, instantly recognisable to the avid traveller.

Below was some layout ideas, I needed to include a country location, a region location and I thought a small map Icon would be a good touch.
I explored some layout ideas as I needed to make sure the overlayed information didn’t detract from the image and was consistently presently.




Travel Guide Layout
Layout explorations
Rough Client Visuals

My initial sketch became the final artwork, I reversed the black lines and added used a red and white colour scheme to reflect the Turkish flag.

Final Artwork
Final Artwork

I mocked up my idea, I used a typewriter style type as it felt like a journal, the kind a traveller might keep to record his journey. The Brief did call for a handwritten type, I did try to recreate the simple stamped shapes with less accuracy and geometric precision but it didn’t really make much of a difference. I think If I was in charge of the lettering too for this project I would argue the case that its more practical to use fonts rather than handwritten type for future translated editions, consistency etc.

travel guide mock
Travel Guide Mock

Overall I was pleased with the outcome, I would say it looks like an informative practical guide for the serious modern traveller, but still with fun and style so it would appeal to younger more casual explorers.

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