Exercise 6: Viewpoint

This exercise involved some photography, I was required to photograph some objects related to the keyword workshop.

I gathered some tools and placed them on a wooden table to mimic a workshop enviroment. There was several challenges in this exercise, then main one was to make an interesting image from things that are normally in action or being used by a human, I decided to emphasise texture, shape and chose interesting angles, to create some “movement” around the composition. This was part of the criteria when I chose which image to work from.

As these were representing tools in a workshop, I wanted to portray a feeling of expertise and craftsmanship, a passion for detail and a methodical and organised approach, I carefully positioned the tools considering their similar and complimentary shapes and textures. I wanted to experiment with zoomed in and tightly cropped images and also using some perspective to generate some movement around the composition. I feel that a close and distorted angle worked best, it did give more of an expert crafting in his workshop feel, the flat images felt like it could have been a tool catalogue cover.

The square format didn’t really give me the movement I was looking for, I’m sure If I had used colour I could have done more to create a focal point, as this was a pencil drawing it seemed easier to use a tall rectangle to get the eye moving along the diagonal shapes. If I was told it was a square format I needed to use then I would have definitely made different choices when it came to arranging those items. I probably would have added a horizon line in so I could trick the content in the square format into a rectangle to get the focus I wanted.

This was the final drawing. I feel it does give a sense of an active workshop, I feel it was the correct choice from the photos I took, it gives a  good sense of detail and the close nature suggests a detailed meticulous craft.

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