Exercise 2: Composition – an interior

I completed 4 quick sketch studies of an interior, these were to be viewed from 4 different viewpoints, I chose an elevated one standon gon a small foot stool, one seated on a stool and closer, another from the floor from around the same distance as the previous and finally one seated on a stool but a little closer.

I chose a corner as I thought this would be intersting, some angles and foreshortening would be at play and so would a faor amnount of distortion, I actually feel like my first sketch I probably exaggerated a little, giving an almost fish eye effect.

The main thing the sketches seemed to suffer from was an interesting focal point, this actually got better the closer I sat to the subject, it seemed to have more emphasis and i tended to notice greater details and characteristics of my surroundings.

I also naturally moved to a position that offered more contrast, the final drawing was light around the edges and the focal point being the objects on the table. If I was to carry on and create a fourth drawing I think thats where my focus would be, I would pick an object on the table, probably the cherub in front of one of the frames and use its surroundings, the pale walls, the dark table and swirls from the mirror and create something a little more focused and specific.

Another thing I would consider is altering the angle of my viewpoint, not only vertically and horizontally but tilting this could have generated some lines which could have been diagonal for example and might have made the compositions a little more interesting for the viewer to explore with their eyes.

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