Edward Ardizzone: Final Piece

I put together some thumbnails, I decided to use the Witches as the subject and thought about a little scenario they may find themselves in as they went about their Witch business.

Witches thumbnails
I concentrated on getting suitable lighting and mood for the thumbnails

I thought the most successful thumbnail was  the three Witches around the cauldron , the main one I wanted looking maniacal and the other two looking worried or frightened. As I wanted to work more with hatching I kept colour out and decided to use hatching to create tones and dynamic light. Below is the Final Piece.

I’m pretty happy with the final piece, its not perfect but has given me a great insight into an Illustrator I would never have known unless I enrolled with the OCA. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring and analyzing Edward Ardizzone’s work.
I feel I succeeded in capturing the atmosphere I wanted and it certainly communicates the idea I was trying to convey. It reminded me of the image of the cat I included as reference which demonstrated the chaotic but structured lines I was trying to mimic.

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