Brief 1: Good Food Magazine

For this brief I was asked to create an image of seasonal fruits for Good Food magazine.

The problem:

  • To make a selection of appropriate fruits
  • To make the fruit seem appetising
  • to create an image which will work against text in that particular publication

I researched into seasonal fruits and gathered some information, from that list I started sketching out some ideas, I initially wanted to do some straight photographic style images, I have seen these featured in cafes and restaurants around london and they always looked quite appetising, once I started working on a drawing it really seemed quite a stagnant and passive concept, so I stopped working towards this direction.
I started to think about what makes fruit appealing, it’s not the organic shape, the lumps and rough bits, these would need to be present in the Illustration to depict the subject faithfully and accurately but wouldn’t make it appetising.
I came to the conclusion that Fruit is preferred when its juicy and ripe, colourful and interesting to look at, I started to sketch fruits cut in half and included some splashes, I kept the shapes simple the detail minimal but with texture, this to my mind seemed to fit the brief.


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