Exercise 4: Abstract illustration

I quite enjoyed the freedom in this exercise, creating something completely abstract is a very liberating feeling. Using the rhythms, beat and dynamics of a piece of music I interpreted the sounds I was hearing into visuals using colour, shape, marks and textures. I was asked to use an adjective to describe the tone of the piece, I used the word Dynamic, I chose the Gypsy Kings as they are known for their dynamics going from loud to soft to create invigorating, rousing songs.

I listened through Bambeleo a few times and a few more as my pen moved across the screen, I did this digitally, it was important for me to be spontaneous and be able to change colours and style quickly.
The rhythms I was hearing quickly translated into peaks and dives across the canvas  each instrument I focused on creating their own shapes, even a solo guitar has its own isolated area, just like the song has.

The changes in volume I represented with size, as the volume pulsed I drew circles in different sizes, dancing across the work area.

This was the initial artwork

It did look a bit of a mess if I’m honest, a bit like childish scribble. But after re drawing it I was quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Reworked Abstract Image
Reworked Abstract Image

It almost looks like a spanish landscape, the colours are very warm and seem to suit the style of music very well.
I was asked if it would work as a cd cover and I think it probably would pass, I have made a mock up with their logo to see how it might work.

Final cover in context
Final cover in context

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