Exercise 12: Choosing Content

This was a really interesting exercise, I found  it very mentally stimulating as I first had to “paint the picture” of the character in the scene I had just read before I could begin the portrait after reading the passage.

I concluded that the character wouldn’t be a happy man, he’d be quite calculated and a little weathered by his world around him. He is desperate for a positive change but slow and unable to act. He is trying to reach his goal, but after 15 years not too far from giving in, his mood is frustration and turning to an inward anger, He is older and I imagined him smoking a pipe, maybe as its a good prop for a reflecting man of the period.

The man would be dressed in a suit, as he is a police officer. Given the time period I imagined a dull colour such as brown.

War time Britain is below so the furniture would be strong and wooden, chairs would be tall and upholstered, maybe in leather or tweed, but it would be well worn.

The word I chose to sum him up was weathered.

I liked the idea of him being in a dark room, as it mentioned the sun going down, he would stay there thinking and frustrating himself about his inability to catch the girl’s kidnapper. I used the match to add atmospheric lighting to his face and bring out his aged features and defeated mood, the man in my head reminded me a little of Roy Schneider form Jaws, he also had scenes where he was tired and about to admit defeat. The character has a slight resemblance which wasn’t my initial intention, I’d like to think it was  a subconscious choice.

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