Exercise 5: Using Reference

In this task I was asked to collect reference from the 1950’s period.
A lot of the reference I found seemed to originate from American culture, 1950’s Americana didnt take long to influence other countries, we can see this in car design fashion, advertising and interior design.

Checkered or Gingham patterns seemed to be favoured, American diners seemed to feature checkered flooring and wall tiles, while young people wore gingham shirts and dressed as part of the “rockabilly” look.

Car design seemed to heavily influence other aspects of 1950’s aesthetics, Radios Juke boxes and kitchen  appliances, were all styled with curves and chrome embellishments, this probably was inspired in turn form the american space programme, things were being designed to reflect the futuristic space age.

My drawing based on 1950s styling
My drawing based on 1950s styling

I found a picture of Elvis Presley having his hair cut, I thought that may make an interesting alternative of someone sitting in a chair, is it Elv is or just one of his fans emulating his hero’s look, who knows, he is reading a chevrolet magazine/brochure. His college jacket is hanging up on the hanger (didnt mean to but looks like the one Michael J Fox wears in Teen Wolf) next to a glass bottle coca cola machine. For an extra 50’s touch I added the chequered tiles and a 50’s tinged wall sign, similar to what’s seen outside motels of the period.

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