Simian rescue robot

I read an article about a new Robot in development called the simian, it was designed to be a disaster recover and rescue robot. While the article was very interesting the robot didn’t really look very exciting, and in fact was visually more like a spider. I was determined to make mine have more presence and character.

I picked out the following key words:

  • Apelike
  • Robot
  • Disaster response
  • Headless
  • Seven cameras


I went to work on the canvas (digital) and came up with an apelike shape while keeping it relatively headless. I would have experimented more but I was quite happy with the silhouette so continued working it up. I added in the detail such as the camera eyes and the wheels, I also added some high visibility stripes to ensure that the robot could be seen through dust and smoke etc.

It was good to just go with what was in my head from the key words, I did feel I was consciously making it different form the photo that accompanied the article.

Simian rescue robot
Simian rescue robot

I enjoyed this exercise, it was quite like a concept art project, and really made me focus on bringing the image in my head to life on the canvas.
I have never used a written article this way, I would like to try this technique on some poetry.