Brief 2: Radio Times Article

For this brief I was asked to create an image for The Radio Times for a TV programme about racial discrimination in the police force.

The problem:

  • To come up with an idea that suggests what discrimination is
  • To ensure sensitive depiction of people of diverse ethnic origin
  • to create an image that entices people to watch the TV programme

This was a real challenge, Racial discrimination comes in all forms and guises, and was essential I stay fair and impartial in the presentation of the artwork.

I originally planned to make a grid of police officers all looking outwards with an officer in the middle being looked at from above below and from the sides.

This seemed like a good enough concept, but it was flawed as it meant showing different ethnic groups even though I intended on showing all the characters in blue tones, I didnt want to portray a group as a victim and I didnt want to imply the depicted groups were all racist, I then thought what if I didn’t show their faces, I then came up with the idea of using skulls.
Using Skulls would remove any reference to ethnicity and make a strong statement, we are all the same underneath.
The skull idea would bring a very sinister and dark tone to the image, which I eventually offset with bright colours.

I then had the idea of putting the skulls not in a grid but depict a skeleton police officer, squeezing the colour from the world, the symbol of lady justice with her scales in the background looking away, the whole act of discrimination being a hate crime carried out by people paid to enforce the law.
I felt  was on the right tracks, I’d solved the problem of keeping it equitable so as not to offend minority groups and to come up with a shocking and visually interesting concept to attract viewers.

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