Exercise 2: Observing shadow and using blocks of tone

This exercise was about observing and the blocking in of tonal values,
I wanted to capture the light interacting with the two different materials the objects are made of.
One was a metal jug, I tried to recreate the grain in the metal, I followed the contours to mimic the brushed steel. the jug was made of a dull porcelain, I didn’t want to put too much texture and grain on the jug, this was proving difficult, I decided to restart the drawing, the second drawing I would try to make the porcelain jug smoother, using a softer approach. while more successful in some areas I couldn’t quite get the look I had in my mind, the paper was too toothy and left too much texture when I blocked in the tine. I felt I had learnt enough form this exercise and moved on to the next with this in mind, the paper is always a consideration too and I would need to consider that to get the effect I was looking for in future drawings.

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