Exercise 13: Visual Metaphors

The bird seemed a very appropriate symbol, they communicate very loudly with their song. They are also a symbol of freedom, I put my newsprint bird in a cage, to symbolise he is no longer able to spread his songs of truth wherever he lands. He can only use his songs to an audience chosen by his captor.

With this image I wanted to show the characters falling out the bottom of the paper after the reader opens it, the letters falling out spelling the word truth, I maybe presented this a little too directly, I wasnt sure people would get it straight away if it wasn’t Immediately obvious.

This is an old adage, “sweeping it under the carpet”, in this case the newspaper is the carpet, although in reality they arent censcoring content out, rather neatly moving and managing the dirt or truth showing only what they want you to see.
This one was a play on the theme of white washing, covering up something that people dont want to see. In this case we see a tiny roller removing printed columns, leaving just the bits they want you to read.

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