Exercise 4: Energy

This was another round of quick sketches focusing on energy, I used a brush pen, I enjoyed working this way on the loose sketches of Exercise 1: Quick studies and wanted to use it in a similar way to capture the motion of the subject. I asked my subject (Kathleen) to stretch, lean and pull in various poses, everything seemed to affect the poses, if my placement of the feet was off slightly then the poses intensity was reduced. I refined my lines until I was happy they conveyed the correct amount of force, weight distribution and any other physics that applied.

A reaching stretch, a pulling force with the right arm against the left

leaning backwards on the door handles, the tension in the arms taking the majority of the backwards force

cross armed lean, the weight on the subjects left foot, countered by the extension of the right leg

leaning over the counter reaching for the computer mouse, weight on the left leg and supported by the stool on the right leg.

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