Exercise: A visual diary

I have been keeping a visual diary for many years, using the pintrest app, I ritually add interesting images, designs and ideas every day on my commute to work.
Using it as a scrapbook or moodboard, I organise the web articles, images and other influences I see into logically named boards. This takes up 0 space, is always available and is totally free.
I currently have a total of 5,967 pins at the time of writing, this number will grow by about 10 each day, an example of some of the titles of the boards are

  • Pinball art
  • Old style book covers
  • Video Games
  • Concept art
  • William morris
  • Icons
  • David Hockney
  • Film Posters
  • Vintage cartoons
  • Pirates
  • Dragons

  • Children’s Illustrations
  • Mad Magazine
  • Comic book art
  • Album covers
  • Web Design
  • T shirt designs
  • email confirmations
  • Robots
  • Logos
  • Illustration reference

And many, many more.

I would say by looking at the list I’m focused on the popularity and style of images, images that are used to sell or promote things such as films, clothing etc. I want my influences to be popular, a little different but still with a mass commercial appeal.
I seem to tick off many subjects and genre. I don’t just stick to one type or era. I have researched robots as a term but not exclusively, I seem to be equally interested in pirates or dragons. These all have a “cool” factor in the world of the visual creative fields such as comic book, film and video games. If i had to summarise as a genre it would be pop culture.

This would suggest to me it is that kind of community I would be looking to communicate with.

a random selection of some of my pins

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