Exercise 7: Exploring Drawing & Painting

For this task I was asked to make an alternative sketchbook.
I collected paper and card of different textures colours and thickness, and used a combination of conventional and alternative drawing tools. I believe this exercise was to explore the different mediums, again I did not focus on accuracy or producing anything too finished.  I went experimental and had a lot of fun and enjoyment trying new approaches.
Out of the suggestions offered I decided to use cake as my subject, This afforded me some variety, although I mainly stuck to muffins as these seemed more distinct and easier to describe with a few well placed marks.

Oil Pastel on brown envelope
Felt pen on yellow paper with thick acrylic paint cherrys
Screwed up waxy paper with coloured pencil and correction fluid
Blue paper splashed with bleach, drawn in marker pen with cut paper
Gold card with marker pen and correction fluid
Brown waxed paper with Oil pastel
Grey card and thick acrylic paint, once dried I applied a thin water colour wash to fill in the cracks and grooves
Ripped box with exposed corrugated card effect drawn with chalk pastels
Felt tip under black wax crayon, the drawing was scratched in revealing the colours underneath
Oil pastels on smooth card
Chalk pastels on rough corrugated paper

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